Foods that Burn Fat

Imagine you could eat something and whatever you ate would actually help you in your weight loss goals. This can be a reality when you choose to eat foods that burn fat. No were not talking about foods that taste horrible or have no taste, I’m talking about real foods like Avocados, Apples, Pomegranates and even steak.

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Simple Arm Workout Routine to get you ready for Summer

With summer around the corner and warmer weather on it’s way,  it’s time for t-shirt’s, tank tops and short sleeve shirts. Are you ready to expose those rounded arms of yours? Does your arm’s need a little toning and shaping up, after this long winter. If you don’t have time to go to the gym or are short on time,  try these exercises. You don’t need any weights, just a resistance band and you’re on your way.

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Its all about the Calories Baby

It is recommended that slow weight loss as the safest and most effective approach. A sensible weight-loss program allows you to lose weight gradually — about one-half to one pound per week. Gradual weight loss promotes long-term loss of body fat, not just water weight that can be quickly regained.

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Sizzling Summer Fat Burning Program

You’ve worked all winter to get that hot summer bod that turns heads but still can’t seem to burn that last 3 to 5% body. Charge up your metabolism and incinerate fat with this cardio and resistance training program.

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Quick 5 Minute Healthy Breakfast Meal

Mornings are probably the busiest time for people, but people still don’t realize the importance of breakfast and the effects it could have for the duration of your day, not to say your entire life. Skipping breakfast could be the worst thing you could do to yourself. Wake up 10 minutes early, prepare your clothes your going to wear to work the next day the night before, to give your self that extra time to get yourself pumped and ready to take on a new day with a healthy breakfast.

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Top 10 Must Have Supplements

1.) Multivitamin
2.) Protein Powder (Whey Protein)
3.) Protein Bars
4.) Glutamine
5.) Creatine
6.) BCAA – Branch chain Amino Acids
7.) Flaxseed Oil
8.) Fish Oil
9.) ZMA (zinc and magnesium, and Vitamin B-6)
10.) Green Tea Extract

Diet Plan – Getting Started

So your not sure where to begin when it comes to diet.  Plain and Simple:  5 – 6 small meals throughout the day every 2 – 3 hours. Keeping you full enough so that you do not get hungry and over eat at your next meal. Meals 1 – Breakfast, Meal 3-Lunch and Meal 5 -Dinner  should have a portion of Protein and Carbohydrates  (ex. grilled chicken breast & brown rice) include Vegetables in at least 2 of the Meals.  Meal portions should roughly be the size your palm.  Meals 2, Meals 4 and Meal 6 can be a Meal replacement, Protein shake, with a fruit or yogurt.

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